Does God See This Child?

(c) (p) Susan Piper 2004 for Godsongs ASCAP

They tell me it's a choice
They say it's up to me
That I need to decide
That I say what will be
Well, I don't feel a thing
It doesn't even show
And now I'm playing God
Would God say 'yes' or 'no'?

Does God see this child
So deep inside of me
Does He have a dream for her
A plan for her
A thought for her
Does God love this child
Before she's even formed
Before she has her voice
Before she's born

I didn't want this child
And I don't want this power
Each time I change my mind
She's older by the hour
If I could see her face
Then I'd know what to do
'Cause when a child is born
The choice is made for you

Does God see this child...

This is a cold world, a cold world
I wish someone would tell me what to do
This is a cruel world, a cruel world
It reaches in and steals the life right out of you
Right out of you---